180 DegreesTae & Vickys Tomorrow 04

Had I really said those words to her? I mean…I shook my head slowly, chastising myself. What did it matter? I’d sacrificed everything for this woman. How could she not know? Here I was, after spending a small fortune to find her, lying beside her in this piece of shit hotel bed, the warm feel of her pressed against me as she slept…the smell of her…the taste of her lingering on my tongue… I’d just finished making her cry out for me again and again, desperate for the sound after so long, desperate for her…was it really a surprise? Read More

1BR Apt

Derek was glad that he’d thought of this apartment remodel. It was a project he and his son Luke could work on together. He hoped that it would get Luke to come out of his shell. Ever since his mother passed away a few years ago he’d been closed off and anti-social. Luke gets his handiness from his dad. He loved to work with his hands, and it was not boasting to say that he was pretty good at it too. Read More

27 Minutes

July 2011 In all my travels, the Paris Metro is one of my favourite transport systems. Whether whizzing across to breathtaking views of La Tour Eiffel or hopping up to Anvers to marvel at the gleaming Sacr Cur and bustling artists of Place du Tertre, it’s an essential piece of kit to explore what is arguably the most romantic European city. To plan a Metro journey – just like most other underground systems – the rule of thumb is to allow roughly three minutes per stop. Read More

3 Coins in the Fountain

Hi folks, this story was edited with great skill by Baney-R. Any goof ups probably happened when I went back over it and changed a few things. This is a longer story so those of you who like that sort thing can relax with a beer and enjoy it. Those of you who don’t can get off of the bus now. But you don’t get to whine about it later because you have been warned and have chosen to continue. Read More

3 Is a Magic Number Ch 16

All Characters 18+ Things had been weird after getting back from Aunt Barb’s funeral. The vast majority of our family was no longer speaking to us. I guess that they blamed us for introducing Aunt Barb to Julia. Aunt Barb left Julia a little bit more than eighteen million dollars. Barbs’s husband had left her pretty well off when he died more than twenty-five years ago, and I guess that she had made a bunch of shrewd investments in her lifetime. Read More

500 Annies Ch 04

Conclusion The big finish, I hope. …………………………………………. “Good evening listeners, this is Barbara Barnes, glad you could join us for the final installment of our interview with Joe Williams. In this segment he tell what the book has meant to him and how it changed his life, even leading him to find a new love.” “Sit back, enjoy, and thanks for listening.” …………………………………………. “So, Joe, was it love at first sight? Read More

500 Annies Epilogue

I couldn’t leave it alone. Sorry. …………………………………………… “Good evening, listeners. This is Barbara Barnes, host of the newly syndicated Book Report, on PRI, coming from WORD, 86.7 on your dial. This is our very first broadcast, and I can’t think of anyone I would want to be my first guest more than Joe Williams, author of ‘500 Annies, and ‘Average Joes’, both best sellers. His series of interviews with me eighteen months ago actually was the catalyst for launching my new program. Read More