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Indian Office/Teacher

Sexexperience With A Chubby Hottie

Thundan/ September 26, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

Hi friends, this is Abhay from Pune. Hope you will enjoy my today’s story with a sex highness. I met her on the flight from Hyderabad to Pune the first time and then we got to know each other. She gave me her contact number. Of, course she was beautiful but more than that, she was sexy as far as

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Sex With My Tutor In House

Thundan/ September 25, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

I used to have a lot of trouble with my math during my 11th and 12th classes. ( I was 18 at the time )So my mother decided to appoint a tutor so I could get better grades. It was my first day in the tuition. It was all formal and asked me about the topics where I was weak

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Secret Session With My Colleague!

Thundan/ September 24, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

Hi this is Anir 24M from Hyderabad. I have been through iss couple of times and I must say they have helped me a lot during many dry nights!! I just got some good job in an MNC recently and after training I was forced to work for a 24X7 support project and I being a fresher and new member

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Rehna, My Long-hair-teacher: Part 1

Thundan/ September 23, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

Original story by Danny Man M PART I: I Love My Teacher, I Love Her Long Hair MORE About me, I’m just an average boy but had a good cock at 7inches. I am going to narrate how I fucked and continue fucking my sweet teacher. REHANA, she was my English teacher as well as she also took tuition for

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Pleasing the Teacher – Part 2

Thundan/ September 22, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

Hello everyone of indian sex stories dot net , So when I left off, I’d just had an opportunity to visit my sexy English tuition teacher’s bedroom on an errand. While there I’d found her user underclothes which I held up to my nose and began to jerk off. That was the position she found me in when she walked

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Pleasing the Teacher – Part 1

Thundan/ September 21, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

Hi indian sex stories dot net readers When Kalyani chechi moved to our small village on the outskirts of Kochi, there was a lot of excitement. Chandran, her husband, was a sort of hero to all of us. He was the first person we actually knew who went to the prestigious IIT college, and in Mumbai no less. Their was

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Motivating School Girls & Principal Part – 2

Thundan/ September 20, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

This is Bond and I am back with conclusion of ‘Motivating school girls’. Thank you for the overwhelming response to the previous story. Well I have to confess something, I am really really into older women who are passionate about being physical and still keep the energy to be active in their sex life, basically I love cougars and MILFs.

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In A Land Of Unknowns

Thundan/ September 19, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

Hi indian sex stories dot net friends , this is Harry again with yet another experience. It was the time when I recently moved to Pune; btw I live currently in Baner & work for IT. As I moved I was not aligned to the project hence I had more time exploring Pune, I used to spend time roaming, surfing

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Hardcore Sex With Physics Tuition Teacher

Thundan/ September 18, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

My Physics ma’am was the perfect example of beauty with brains. Standing at 5 feet and 9 inches, she was quite tall for an Indian woman and had a toned figure which was complimented by her huge breasts and a humongous butt. Her brilliant lectures were attended by all the students and all of us used to wait eagerly to

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Fornication With My Sexy Curvy Girl

Thundan/ September 17, 2017/ Indian Office/Teacher

Friends, you are reading this sex story on pureluststories dot net I was riding inside her wet clean shaven pussy. My manhood was fully inside hers. She moaned and shouted in pain.“ hmmm. Fuck da. Fuck fast man. Fill my holes you fucker. ” I squeezed her milky big boobs and licked her erected nipple. She moaned in the mood.

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