Don/ January 9, 2018/ Couple, Indian (English) Sex Stories

The story is a work of fiction. Read it for fun. Similarities to real life characters are merely coincidental. All comments to be written in the box below.

Sunil: Rehaan’s dad
Shanti: Sunil’s wife
Prakash: Sunil’s boss
Aarti: Prakash’s wife

He slurped his noodles as he listened to them talk. Grown-ups are boring. While they dined, the men spoke about their jobs while the women spoke about their day. Classic small talk. What a waste of time, he thought. Well not exactly. The women in the green cocktail dress at the other table was definitely worth it. Too bad she was with a colleague. Nevertheless, he spent each moment he possibly could watching her. The way she gestured while speaking, constantly kept checking her phone. Her breasts were exposed in a tasteful manner and made him want to motorboat.He broke out of his reverie when they all got up to leave. He sighed as he took one last look at the stranger before following his parents out of the restaurant.

S: I guess I’ll see you in one month then
P: All the best.Do well there and you will get a promotion.Take care now.

His father left for Germany the next day.He would spend a month abroad in the assignment. This is perfect he thought. Mom won’t be home until 7, so I’ll just bunk class and have my friends over and get drunk.And so it began.In the first week, he cut class twice and got drunk.Being a beginner the alcohol didn’t agree with him, and after a particularly drunken Sunday night, he decides to take a day off on Monday.

Definitely, need to take it slow, he thought as he slept in.He had asked his friends to back his story up if his mom checked in with them.He had a dreamless sleep and when he woke up it was a 1’O clock.Need to get something to eat he thought to himself. He got out of bed and put on his clothes and combed his hair. He took his wallet and went to the door. Just as he was about to open the door. He heard the gate rattle. He stiffened. A few seconds later a key was inserted into the lock. He fled to his room. Of all the days his mother had to come home.

He ran up the stairs, light on his feet, rounded the corner and sat on the step. He peeked around the corner and saw his mom settle down on the sofa and switch on the TV. Why is she home today of all days he thought? His mom worked in a bank which was hall an hour away from home. She usually ate lunch there but this was probably one of those days when she decided to eat at home. He waited and his mom still didn’t move. After about 10 minutes he couldn’t take it anymore. He was starving. He had last eaten the previous night and his stomach was making loud sounds. That’s if he thought. I’ll just go down and apologize. She will yell at me but she will be fine with it. At least I’ll get to eat. He got up just when the bell rang. Now what? He thought about. His mom got up and opened the door. His dad’s boss Prakash entered.Huh?

What’s going on here he thought.

Prakash sat down on the sofa and looked at his mom expectantly. Shanti glared at him. Prakash sighs.
P: Shanti I have a meeting to get to at 3. You know it takes me an hour to get back to the office, so you would be helping me out greatly if you hurry up.

S: How can you even ask such a thing of me? It’s just wrong. What is wrong with you.
P: Shanti shut up. It’s you who wanted this. You asked for a favour and this was my price. We agreed on it. Now if you pull back I will make your like hell.
S: I thought you were joking.
Prakash interrupts her.

P: Stop it. You knew what you were getting into right at the beginning, so stop pretending like you are innocent. Now if you don’t get down here by the count of 10 I will leave and pull your husband out of the project immediately.

Shanti takes a deep breath and approached him. Prakash smiles and sits down. He unbuttons his shirt as Shanti gets down on her knees and Rehaan fumes.

P: Stop. Take off your top first. Don’t even think of arguing.
He removes his shirt and bears his hairy chest to her. He’s bald but it suits him. His broad shoulders and strong chest indicate that he spends time on his fitness. He keeps his spectacles on and less at Shanti as she removes her yellow top and reveals her 40D breasts covered by a black camisole. Her nipples are erect and poke through the fabric. He grins as pulls down his pants and takes out his erect dick. He looks at her as she now stares at it.

P: Hurry now. I don’t have time. You know what to do.

And just like that as Rehaan watched his mother opened her mouth and enveloped the cock head as she began to move her head up and down. Prakash shut his eyes and muttered as he placed his hands on her head. He held her hair at the base of the head with one hand where it has been put into a ponytail. He stared into her eyes as she sucked on his dick. All of a sudden he slapped her tits. She let out a strangled cry and stopped sucking. His dick came out of her mouth. This time he slapped her face hard enough to stun her but not leave a mark.

P: Clumsy bitch. I never told you to stop.
He entered her mouth now and began to thrust his hips forward as he fucked herself mouth.Shanthi glared at him as he fucked her.

He took his dick out and slapped her hard this time. He took the jug and splashed some water on her face.

P: Bitch are you deaf. Suck my dick now. Take it in.

Rehaan watched as his mother remained silent and enveloped his dick completely this time and began to suck on it. She sucked on it far to get him off soon to end this. Prakash looked down at her as she sucked his dick and thought of the good fortune he had. She has fallen into his lap so easily. He grabbed her throat roughly and she began to suffocate. He held her head over his dick as he came in her mouth. Shanthi looked at him with pleading eyes and scratched him, wanting to be let go off.Prakash pulled out and Shanthi hunched over and gagged over the cum.In her hurry to take in a deep breath she had gagged on it and now it seeped out of her nose. She looked up just in time to see Prakash take a picture of her cum covered nose.He took a tissue from the boys and cleaned himself up. He put on his clothes as Shanthi cleaned her nose.

P: I’ll see you soon.
With that, he walked out while Shanthi put on her clothes.

On the stairs, a confused Rehaan sat with his dick in his hands having cum on the floor.