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I assume you have read the first part of the story so I would continue the story where I had left in the first part.
Rinki was ready after taking bath and it was 8 am in the morning. She had a class at 9 am, so I took the bath and prepared breakfast for her. I served the breakfast to Rinki and she had eaten it and was ready to go for class. While going to class Rinki said, ” Mom are you really going to the beauty parlor today?”.

Rinki was asking this question to me from the morning and I had the same answer, Yes. Rinki had left to go to class and her school would be at 11 am and she would be returning to for lunch afternoon. In no time it was 12 am. I had prepared the lunch for Rinki. I had made her favorite ‘Halwa’. As Rinki was going to have lunch at Rohini’s house as I was going to visit beauty parlor I decided to go to Rohini’s house and deliver the Halwa. I went up a floor and knocked on her door.

She opened it and I was mesmerized by her dusky beauty. I think she just had a bath and her whole body smelled like rose petals. I greeted her with a good morning and asked her, “How are you Rohini. Everything is okay na?”. She smiled and greeted me inside, “Everything is fine. Thank you for last night”. I asked her, ” Are you going to come with me to beauty parlor?”. Rohini said, “Of course!”. I was little confused because she had refused in the morning. “In that case, Rinki is coming for lunch in the afternoon and you had said you would not be coming to parlor so I had brought Halwa for her.”. Suddenly some thought came to her mind and she said,” Sorry Savita I forget Rinki was coming for lunch.” She startled for a bit and said, “Oh! I am not feeling well so I will not be coming to the parlor.” I was getting a feeling of something fishy was going to take place in the afternoon so I did not force her to come with me and gave her bowl of halwa. I wanted to confront my daughter and Rohini red hand. I had a plan for it.

It would be difficult confront them in Rohini’s house so I thought a plan. I went to Rohini’s house and said, “Rohini, you know Rinki’s father is going to come today and I was going to make a special dish for him but I have no time for it because I want to look beautiful for him today.” Rohini said, “How can I help you Savita?” I requested her to make the dish for me as she was a good cook and she would have to prepare it in my house. I said, “I have kept all the ingredients on the kitchen floor you have to just make it before 6 pm.” Rohini was eager to help me and wanted to start it as soon as possible. Rohini and I came to my house and told her about the whereabouts of all ingredients and was ready to leave.

While leaving I said to Rohini, ” Well you can start it whenever you want but be ready for it before 5 pm. Rinki would be coming home and I think she could have lunch here only.” Rohini nodded and said, “I will take care of everything here you can rely on me.” At beauty parlor, we would always spend an hour or two so Rohini knew I would be gone for at least one to two hours. I went to the beauty parlor and waited there for a half an hour and was back when Rinki was about to come home for lunch. I parked my scooter at some distance from our house and secretly went to the back of the house so I could get in through the back door. I had the keys and it opened smoothly without making noise. I knew Rohini and RInki would either be in Kitchen or Living room which was far from the back door so that I could get in the house without them knowing about me.

I put the keys and opened the door and got in. I could hear kitchenware being used. I immediately hid in the small temple in our house from where I could see everything going on in kitchen and living room. I carefully hid and started to watch everything. I saw Rohini was doing her work in the kitchen but could not see Rinki so I waited for a minute. Well after some time I saw someone in trousers and wearing a shirt which was much bigger than the person. I was unable to recall anyone whom I knew dressed like this. After some time this person went near Rohini and started to spank her big ass.

Rohini screamed, “Rinki stop it I have work to do”. I was shocked to see Rinki wearing such clothes and spanking Rohini. As Rohini was cooking Rinki grabbed her from back pulled her hair and kissed her on her neck. Rohini was still busy cooking. Rinki was getting rough now. She turned Rohini to face her and pulled her hair and kissed her on her lips. While she was kissing her Rinki grabbed Rohini’s ass and squeezed it. Working in the kitchen had Rohini all sweaty, her dusky body was shining. Rohini was getting into it. Rohini was kissing Rinki and asked her, “Are you really hungry Rinki do you want to quench your thirst?” Rinki naughtily replied, “Yes Rohini I really am hungry please feed me.”

Rohini sat on the kitchen floor and Rinki was still grabbing her thighs after pulling up her saree. Rohini was getting impatient she took off her saree. Now Rohini did not want to waste time unbuttoning her blouse instead she pulled up her blouse and she was not wearing a bra as always. As soon as she pulled up her blouse her two beautiful breasts fell out. I had not seen such big breasts with such big areolas. Rinki just grabbed both of them and started to squeeze them. Rohini immediately pulled Rinki’s head near her breast and slowly inserted one of her nipples in Rinki’s mouth. Rinki started to suckle on them and squeezing other nipple such that Rohini was moaning with pain and pleasure. Rinki wanted to suck on her full breast but as she tried bit of breast remained out of her mouth such big were her breasts.

Rohini’s breasts were bit saggy but huge and her black areolas were just amazing. While I was watching I wanted to go out and suck on Rohini’s breasts for hours and hours. Rinki was still dressed. Rinki removed Rohini’s blouse and took both of Rohin’s breasts in her hand and squeezed them and at same time she kissed her passionately. Now Rinki put her hand in Rohini’s panties and started to rub it. She was rubbing it so hard that Rohini moved backwards on kitchen floor and had to lean backwards o the wall. Rinki now pulled Rohini’s panties down, I could see shaved black pussy with big clitoris. Rinki asked, “Rohini still no hair has grown.” Rohini pushed Rinkis mouth onto her clitoris and she started to tease it and kiss it. After sometime she started to do it harder and faster. Rinki put her two fingers in Rohini’s mouth so that she could reduce her moaning. Rinki was licking pussy like she was thirsty for ages. Rohini was moaning hard and suddenly started to shiver, then I saw Rinki’s mouth was full of Rohini’s orgasm.

Then Rinki pulled the door of refrigerator and got a cucumber and started to suck on it. I had no idea what was going to happen. Rohini was watching Rinki while rubbing her own pussy. After making it completely wet, Rinki pulled Rohini towards her and inserted the cucumber in her pussy. Rinki was pushing the cucumber harder and harder while kissing Rohini and squeezing her nipples with one hand. The moaning was getting louder and louder. Rinki pulled Rohini down from kitchen floor and took her to living room where they laid on the floor. Cucumber was still in Rohini’s pussy and was barely outside her pussy. Rinki pulled cucumber outside from her pussy with her mouth and started to lick the pussy again. Rinki’s whole face was covered with Rohini’s pussy. After so many orgasms Rohini started to get cramps.

Rohini stopped Rinki for bit and said, “That was awesome Rinki, where did you learn that? But I have work to do and feeling tired.” Rinki replied, “Rohini, I am 16 and I know how to use net”. “Well we have no time left and I am bit tired today, your mother might come any time soon and you have to go to school otherwise we could get in trouble.” It was about 3 am and Rinki’s lunch break was due so she had to go to school. Both of them got up immediately and Rinki got up her school uniform and while Rohini was dressing up Rinki was always putting her fingers in her pussy. Rohini said, “Rinki, you are getting late.” “Rohini I wanted to do more but I guess I have to leave.” Rinki said. Rohini said, “We can finish it tonight.” Rinki said, “Your father is coming tonight so your mother and he would like some privacy. I would ask Savita let you come to my house to sleep with me.” Rinki asked, “What about uncle?”.

“Like last time we could do it in my bathroom, and your uncle is always drunk he would know nothing” said Rohini. “That could be fun said Rinki and put her face in between Rohini’s boobs. Rohini asked her to leave and placed a kiss on her lips. I was really did not imagine such relationship would prevail between my daughter who was just 16 and my sister-in-law. After Rinki left Rohini went to bathroom and I slipped through the back door silently and came at front door and knocked the door.

Rohini opened the door and I stepped into the living room. I saw cucumber lying on the floor. I picked it up and turned asked Rohini, “What is it doing in the living room?” Rohini was startled a bit and said that she wanted to eat it while taking some rest. I took the cucumber in my hand which was wet and went into the kitchen where I found all ingredients as it is. “Rohini, you have not prepared the dish yet?” Rohini said that she felt bit tired so she could not prepare it but she assured me that she would prepare it by evening. I looked at Rohini naughtily and started to eat the cucumber and said, “Well you really look tired”. I wanted to squeeze her boobs and lick her pussy.

I had to prepare the dish. I took help from Rohini and while doing so I tried to make advances towards her and sometimes brushed my hands on her breasts. She tried to act shy but I knew what person she was. But there was no time for it now but some other time.
While we were preparing the dish Rohini asked if Rinki could come to her house to sleep with her. I accepted her request as I had some other plans for tonight and I was going to get this dusky beauty Rohini.

What will happen tonight? Get to know about it in the next part.