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Hello! I am Savita and I work at a playschool as a teacher. I am about 5’3 tall and have about average body. I am married and have two children. We live in a small town named Kathi. My husband has an elder brother who is also married and two children. We live in an apartment where we live on the first floor and my brother in law and his family lives on the second floor. My husband’s brother is married to Rohini who is a dusky beauty. She is about my height but has beautiful and big breasts, better than me.

My husband’s brother is bit alcoholic and always abuses and beats Rohini. As my husband and his brother were not on talking terms I would not interfere in their quarrels. It was only when he would drink he would such stupid things. At first, I did not like Rohini that much but later I started to like her. Our children would get along and loved each other. So we would talk mostly about our children most of the time.

One day my husband was out of town for some work and me and my daughter had to stay alone that night. Exactly the same night my brother-in-law came drunk to his house and as usual started abusing Rohini and beating her up. We could hear everything down floor and wanted to do something but could not. So it went for about an hour and then we could not hear any noises so we got on to get sleep. Me and my daughter were sleeping and it was about midnight we heard someone crying in our balcony. My daughter peeped through the window and saw it to be Rohini in our balcony crying. Well now I had to do something now so I went out and invited Rohini inside my home. Still she was crying so I calmed her down to relax. My daughter too relaxed her so that she would stop crying. It took us about half an hour to stop crying. So now it was time for some sleep. I asked Rohini to stay in our house tonight for sleep. But she insisted to leave and go upstairs to sleep. My daughter said, ” Aunt it is too late now and I think uncle should have slept by now you should sleep here for tonight as we are also alone. Please Aunt!”. Rohini said, “Okay Okay I will sleep here only darling.” Now the problem was that we had a rotating fan which would not throw enough air for three of us. So I said to Rohini, “You can sleep near the fan and Rinki would sleep in between us” As she knew nothing about the rotating fan she liked the idea and we slept accordingly. After few hours of sleeping I started to sweat as I was not getting any air. Rohini and Rinki were sleeping nicely. All my body was getting sweaty and I was feeling very uneasy so I decided to change my place with my daughter Rinki. I told her to shift and now was sleeping in between Rohini and Rinki.

At right about dawn that is about 4 am in the morning I started to hear moaning voices so looked around and that was Rohini in her sleep moaning. Due to air from fan her saree did not cover her chest area and was exposed. I felt very uneasy and did not want my daughter to get up hearing such noises. So put my hand on Rohini’s mouth, her lips were so soft. Rohini was still in her sleep and started to suck on my fingers but it did stop moaning. After sometime Rohini put one hand around me and came close to my face. Her hand was groping every other part of my body. I was also getting excited now but my daughter was next to me. I am not lesbian but I still liked it because it had been long time I had sex so I did not resist at all. Now Rohini was reaching for my breasts and squeezing them hard. My blouse was all wet and tight so it was hard for her to reach my breast. Rohini was doing this in her sleep that was very fascinating for me. Rohini was finding it hard to reach my breasts in the blouse. I don’t know why but I myself unbuttoned two uppermost buttons of blouse. Rohini reached my breasts as soon as I unbuttoned them and started to squeeze my nipples harder. My husband said that you don’t have big breasts but have most beautiful protruding nipples. Rohini started to pull and squeeze them.Now I could feel a tingling sensation under down in my panties. I was now excited and urge of having sex was getting stronger. I could not remove my fingers from Rohini’s hand as she would moan loudly if I removed my fingers. I removed my blouse using my one hand. My hand was in uncomfortable position and was paining so I moved upwards in sleeping position and moved closer to Rohini.

As I moved upwards I removed my hand from Rohini’s mouth. Rohini started to moan which I thought would wake up my daughter. I moved right up towards and put one of my nipples in Rohini’s mouth and looked towards my daughter if she was awake. Rohini had one hand on my one breast and was sucking on other. She sucked it like a thirsty child. She would bite it sometimes that would make me hornier. She wouldn’t stop and kept on sucking for while and still was in sleep. Now I was getting horny and reached out for my pussy with other hand and started to finger it myself. As was I getting towards getting an orgasm clock started to ring. I thought I would get caught. In getting to stop the alarm I moved away from Rohini and she started to moan. I could sense that my daughter was going to wake up. I immodestly buttoned my blouse and slept in my position. My daughter woke up hearing moaning and went near Rohini and woke her up. I was lying there as I was asleep. Rohini woke up and my daughter was talking to her.

Rinki – What are you doing Rohini you would wake up my mother.
I never heard my daughter calling her aunt as Rohini. I was sensing that something was wrong. Then Rohini said, ” I am sorry” and looked at where I was sleeping. ” What is your mother doing in between us”. Rinki said, ” I don’t know, I was in sleep when my mother told me to move to other side.” “Ohh! Rinki you do know what my problem is when I am asleep and in lust.” Rinki said naughtily, “Of course I know but I don’t think it is a problem.” and put her hands on Rohini’s breast and started to squeeze them. I was unable to process everything that was going on. Rohini said,” Stop it Rinki. Your mother will get up and catch us and I really respect her.” Rinki said, “Well last night when I was about to lay hand on those tits she woke up and made me move to other side. Then I realized that last night why was Rohini’s louse was exposed and was no saree to cover it up and that was not because of fan but Rinki. Rinki said, ” Well mother will not wake up for half an hour, let me suck on those tits. Rohini said, ” Are you mad? We had a deal that we would do such things when nobody is around.” Rinki still was squeezing her breasts and I was getting jealous of Rinki. Rohini said, “Not now we will do it tomorrow afternoon when your mother goes to beauty parlor and you come for lunch from school” “But let me suck on them for a minute” Rinki said. Rohini declined her request and I woke up. “Good morning Rohini. Did you have good sleep last night.” asked Rohini. Rohini and Rinki were startled and Rinki quickly removed her hands from Rohini’s breasts.

We had some awkward eye contacts and Rinki said, “Well I am going to bathroom for bath”. Rohini said,” Thank you Savita for letting me sleep here for last night. Now I should leave now.” We both came to the door and Rohini was about to leave she took glance at my blouse. I took a look at my blouse and two buttons of my blouse were missing. Then I remembered that while Rohini was forcibly pushing her hand in my blouse my two buttons had fled off. Rohini said ” What happened two buttons of your blouse are missing?”. I looked naughtily towards her and said, “Someone is naught at nights!”. Looking embarrassed she started to go. I stopped her and asked her, “Are you coming to parlor today?”. “Well I had very harsh night so I would take rest today” Rohini said. “Well it was really harsh!” I said naughtily. ” Well if you change your mind tell me”. Rohini was gone and my daughter came out of the bathroom all wet and asked. “Are you going to parlor today?” ” Yes, your father is coming tonight I want to look beautiful.” Rinki said, “Okay, I will be coming for lunch in afternoon”. “Well, I will not be here but you can go to your Aunt Rohini’s house for lunch today” I said. She was so overwhelmed and I could see glow in her eyes.

Next part of the story will be continued. Hope you like it. If you find any grammatical mistakes forgive me as this is my first story. For any comments and suggestions email me at [email protected] Enjoy it!