Thundan/ June 14, 2018/ Indian (English) Sex Stories

Hey guys! I am Ira, Ira Khanna. I am basically from Mumbai but I settled in Bangalore since my childhood as my dad has a business there. And I am a medical student and a freelance writer. I was never so active in my school but when I came to the college, I became popular due to my extra curricular activities.

My dad and mom were always busy yet they took time for me. I happened to enter a very reputed college and made a bunch of friends. There happened to be a friend of mine. Let’s call her ‘Lekhya’. She introduced me to the world of online dating and I was so addicted to the attention I was getting.

Now coming to me. Let me describe myself more. I am 23 with the measurements of 38-36-38. I am kind of busty and have curves at the right places and any guy who sees me would surely wanna spend a night with me!

Going back to my first sex stories. I found many guys on the dating app but first comes first. My first match, let’s call him Kabir, was a Muslim pathan boy who was handsome and dashing. And me being a half Muslim, said yes! My mom is a Muslim.

So I kind of got attracted to him and we felt instant connection. But as I was scared, I didn’t meet him for four years even though we were in contact and became kind of neat friends. He use to share every thing with me and I got to know he was in a relationship. I was happy for him that time. But soon he got to know that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

After that incident, he didn’t believe in love but we were still in touch and had immense respect for each other. One day, we were discussing about couples making out and how couples have sex. The topic shifted to what positions we liked and how we wanted to make love and that led to more hot topics. And we ended up having phone sex that night!

Then it became a daily routine for us where he would describe about me, what all things he would do to me and after listening to that, my pussy would become wet every night I used to finger myself and get my fingers drenched in the juices from my pussy. Finally, we decided to turn the virtuality into reality and to have some real fun.

We planned to have sex and I told my parents that I was going out for shopping and movie with friends and will be back late. They agreed and I reached the point where he was waiting for me. This was the first time I was seeing him in real.

After seeing him, I felt weak in my knees. He was so damn hot! 6 feet tall, mild stubble beard, folded sleeves and he owned a bullet. He was the fair cherry on the cake and he was a muslim. No offense, I am kind of attracted to them as they are circumsized. Well, another thing is that I was a virgin.

So our ride started and we reached the hotel he had booked for us. We went up and got fresh and started to chat. Then we danced and he held me so close that I could feel his breath and also feel his hands on my bare back trying to unhook my bra. He pushed me on the bed and kissed me on my lips. Ahhhh…what a feeling was that – the warm touch of his lips on my lips!

He sucked me totally and literally, he was having a war there. He bit my lower lips which gave him the taste of watermelon as I had applied flavoured lipstick. I was wearing a tight blue jeans with ink blue kurti with orange padded bra which looks so cute on my boobs and a orange lace panty that has net on front.

After removing my pant and kurta, he was so happy seeing me in those lingerie. He started kissing my whole body and I was shivering with the feeling of being touched by him. I could feel his manhood touching my stomach and growing in size. I could feel the shivers he was giving me.

Then he went down, removed my panty with his teeth, threw it away and kissed my pussy. Ohhhh…that was soo good and he started eating it slowly and slowly, kissing my groin and thighs in between.

He pushed his tongue in my pussy and was doing the to and fro motion and was biting my clit. “Ahhh ahhhh please Kabir suck me haaaaa”. I was moaning and he was massaging my boobs. I was pushing his head into my pussy and within 5-10 minutes, I came all over his mouth and he sucked me dry which was total ecstacy.

Now it was my turn to give him pleasure. I took his penis and held it in my hand. It must be around 6.5 -7 inches, and so big. I thought Indians had a 4.5 – 5 inches penis. But this was so big and I started massaging his penis.

He started moaning and I took the penis in my warm mouth, and tied my open hair up. Then I took out the penis from my mouth, massaged it between my boobs and kissed its tip. Then I started taking it in my mouth again and kissed it. I spat on it, sucked it harder and soon was deep throating his penis. He was lying and moaning, “Fuck!! Fuck!!! You are sooo good!”

Ira: You like it? You want me to take it deeper?

Kabir:Oh yes!! Baby, you are fucking good!

I sucked so good that he was so impressed. I wanted to pleasure him more. So I took my kerchief and tied it around his eyes. Then I went and took a ice cube from the minibar and put it in my mouth. I took his penis inside my mouth again and sucked him for a few minutes. Then I took it out and again sucked him after a few seconds. He was in ecstacy and was begging me to open his eyes. But I didn’t let him and I kept sucking him till he released his load on my big boobs which were juggling.

After the oral then came the real action. I washed my boobs and came and slept next to him. He started playing with my boobs and started to suck them. I loved the way he was sucking my boobs; like a baby and I was moaning: “Ahhh yess baby.. come on, Kabir. Suck my tits, you like it?? You like my big tits??

I behaved as if I was a slut and I was asking him to suck them and bite them and…

“Kabir!! Please fuck me now. I can’t wait to get the real pleasure!” and he was all ready by then with his manhood. He wore a condom and tried entering me. As I was a virgin, it hurt. Kabir was startled seeing that I was a virgin but also happy that he got a fresh one.

After a few strong pushes, he entered me making me bleed a bit. I was shouting in pain but being a medico, I knew that it will hurt. I had a sutra, “No pain no gain”.

After a few minutes of pain, I started to feel that pleasure which I can’t explain in words. His big dick was in my tight little pussy, “Ahhhh… Ahhhh.. Kabirrrrrr fuckkkk fuck me Kabir yes deeper harder…. Baby keep going.. Do you feel soo good in me ahhhh. Hhhbaaaaa Kabir yes fuck me fuck me baby please haaa am cummingggg am cumming. Haaaaaa ahhhh yes yes yes. Faster faster faster”

After fifteen minutes, he came inside me but was filling it inside the condom. He was in me till the time he was limp. After that, we washed ourselves, had Dominos and started cuddling. He asked me, “can I go down on you again?” and without waiting for my reply, he went down on me.

“Ahhhh yes suck me suck me baby. Suck the fucking juices out of it and make me your bitch”

Then in a snap, he pushed his dick in my pussy and started ramming me harder and faster. He was going so deep that I could feel him hit my womb. This time, he entered without wearing a condom and made me feel the real paradise. He fucked me so good and released his juices on my boobs. Then I cleaned it dry and made him stand again.

This time, I took charge, pushed his dick in my pussy and started riding him. Ahhh that was soo good. I felt that nothing gives happiness other than this and fucked him till I came three times. Then I made him cum and fill my pussy with his warm juices.

Finally, we wrapped our session with an oral and took bath and left for home. He dropped me near my area. I was left with sore pussy but a wonderful experience that made me a woman who wants to have regular sex. I was so into sex from that day and even now, I am wet while writing this. Surely, I will finger myself till I cum and drench my finger after completing this story.

By the way, Kabir loved the way my pussy tasted and he loved sucking my pussy and drinking the juices.

Sorry, if ther are any mistakes. This is not a fiction and is a true story which I thought of sharing. I am not open to sexual invitation but if you have any queries, mail me

[email protected]