Thundan/ July 13, 2018/ Indian (English) Sex Stories

Hello everyone! This is Ritesh, 25 years old, living and working in Bangalore. This is my first story here. So please excuse me for any mistakes.

Now, without wasting your time, let me directly coming to the story. It happened earlier this year when I started using an online site to chat with strangers and tried to make friends with some nice girl(s).

On a Friday night, I met a girl from the same city. Her name was Shivani (name changed). She was around 22 years of age. She was completing her masters in Bangalore.

We talked for some time, but she was very very shy and conservative, as she belonged to a conservative Tamil family. She initially didn’t even tell me her name. After a lot of persuading, she agreed to be friends.

We exchanged our email ids and started chatting on hangout. It took me all night to convince her that she can trust me and talk to me about anything. We slept around 4 am that day.

Next morning, I got a message from Shivani on hangout. It read, “I thought a lot and I think I can trust you and we can be friends.”

I was very happy to read this. We started talking and I tried to ask her about her relationship status and sex life. She hesitated and only told me that she never had a serious boyfriend. Then, using my past experiences, I attempted making her horny while chatting. Although she didn’t directly talk about it, I realized she was slowly getting the feel of it. I used this opportunity and asked her whether we can meet as we are in the same city.

Shivani was ready to meet, but only in a public place. We agreed to meet at a party that was going to happen on a Saturday night in a pub in Bangalore on Church Street.

I was so excited and got ready and reached there on my bike. We had decided to meet near the exit gate of the pub. When I reached there, I called her on hangout (as she still didn’t give me her number).

We finally met and greeted each other. I used this opportunity to give her a hug and make her feel my body. Let me tell you more about her. She is a very sexy looking girl and her stats would be 34-28-36. She was a bit short in height (around 5ft 3in) but that was ok, as her sexy boobs complimented it very well.

The party was not very interesting. So we just ate, had a couple of drinks, left from there and found a peaceful, beautiful place nearby to sit and chat. There I didn’t miss any opportunity.

I put my arms around her shoulder and started moving my fingers on her neck while we were talking. I was holding one of her hands in my hand and kissed her palm multiple times. Sensing zero resistance from her was kind of a green signal that she was also in the mood!

I kissed her on her cheeks and on the neck. I couldn’t smooch her as there were people coming and going nearby. Then she asked to take her for a bike ride, a long one and a night out with me. This was a clear indication that she was all mine that night.

She sat on my bike and hugged me from behind. We rode for long and after some time, she told me to stop at a place where there wouldn’t be many people.

So I took her to a residential colony as that would be the only place which would be quiet after 11.30 pm. We hugged each other and this time, I kissed her on her lips and she pretended like she was shocked. But didn’t resist.

We lip-locked for about good 10 minutes and during the kiss, I was pressing her boobs from over her dress. I was moving my fingers all over her body and she was feeling very hot. Her panty was already wet by now. She was holding my dick, which was already hard and erect and poking out of my jeans. She was rubbing my dick over my jeans while I was enjoying her boobs.

Then she suddenly stopped and asked, “Shall we go to a room or somewhere?”

I readily agreed and took her to my flat, as I was living alone. We came to my flat and as soon as we reached, I locked the doors and we jumped onto each other like hungry animals.

We kissed passionately and deeply. My tongue was exploring her mouth. Then I started undressing her and asked her to do the same to me. In no time, both of us were fully naked.

After kissing for a while, I came to her boobs and started pressing and sucking them simultaneously one by one. Wow! What a feeling it was. Her juicy melons were in my mouth. She was feeling so hot that she started pressing my head more and more onto her boobs. I was sucking her boobs vigorously and she was moaning loudly.

Then slowly I started licking her navel and went further down to kiss her inner thighs. She was on cloud nine. I then started licking her already wet pussy. I was eating her pussy and rubbing her clit.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhh mmmhhhhhh, oooohhhh.. yessss.. eaaaat it babbbbyyyy..” Her loud moans were making me hornier. I started fucking her pussy with my tongue. I have my experience to make any girl cum multiple times just by tongue fucking. It happened the here as well.

Now it was her turn. Shivani came down and held my dick. She was moving her hand on my dick from the top to the bottom. She was sucking my dick like a pro. What an awesome blowjob it was.

Then we came to 69 position and both of us are enjoying each other orally. She then wanted me to fuck her, as she couldn’t control anymore. I obliged her by putting my dick head on her pussy lips. But I didn’t put it inside yet as I wanted to tease her more.

I was moving my dick on her pussy and that was making her crazy. She suddenly pulled me towards her, kissed me and said, “Pleaseee fuckk mee now”.

I then inserted my dick inside her pussy and started fucking her slowly. Gradually, I increased my speed and started fucking her hard. The room was filled her, “Aaaaahhhh, uuuuhhhh” kind of moans. She was moving her waist and ass according to my rhythm.

After a few minutes, I felt as if I was about to cum and so we changed the position and came in cowgirl position. She was riding me and her boobs were bouncing in front of me. I grabbed her boobs and was pressing her boobs while I was fucking her. Then I grabbed her ass and started to fuck her harder. She came again.

She was tired, so she wanted to do in doggy style as only I have to do the hard work in that position. We fucked in that position for about 10 minutes and soon I was about to cum. She started to suck my dick again and finally, I came and she took half of my cum in her mouth and half on her boobs.

After that, we laid down for some time, but I was in no mood to stop. I began another session foreplay and we both were ready soon again. Then we went to the bathroom to do one of my favorite sex – shower sex. We had an awesome shower sex and then came out. We had 3 more rounds that night.

The next night, we met again. I will tell you that encounter in my next story. Please let me know your thoughts about my sexual incident. Any girl or woman in Bangalore willing to talk, meet or have fun with me, ping me on my email id or hangout – [email protected]