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Hello, I’m lover96. I’m 19 from mumbai. I am 6ft one inch tall and sporty with a big 6inch cock. In this story , I tell you how I got to fuck my maid after many scenes.

I live in mumbai with my parents and my mom had hired the maid a year back. So I never had any sexual feelings towards her. Now let me tell you about the maid. She was 5’6 Fair , nice body , hot boobs (c cup) , nice ass.

As I have a lot of free time , I sit at home playing video games and my maid normally comes around that time (12-1 o’clock ). So I used to play and she used to clean the house. My dad is a pilot so most of the time he’s not at home and mom also works. So this always leave me alone with her.

So one day as she was cleaning , I started noticing her as my game wasn’t starting. She was wiping the floor with her ass up and was wiping sweat on her blouse , her big boobs trying to come out. This game me and erection. I was staring at her since quite a while and she saw me staring at her boobs. She didn’t say anything but I looked away and pretended nothing happened. She also gave a sly smile and turned away. I was covering my erection and couldn’t focus on my game. My lust for the maid had started. I started imagining me licking her boobs and eating her pussy. But I couldn’t do anything.

So that night I started thinking of how to fuck her. I thought of taking it slow and steady. The next morning she came ,I opened the door for her with a morning boner and went straight to bed after making sure she saw it. Then I got into my blanket and pulled down my shorts and waited for her to enter my room. When she came into my room, I moved and slept in such a way that my dick was the only part showing from the side. As she was cleaning the room , she bent and saw my cock and got excited but didn’t make any noise. She played it cool. Like it never happened. I did this for the next few days but it didn’t work. I used to masturbate thinking about fucking my maid. I had to do something else. So the next day , I had an erection and she was in the kitchen. So I went to the kitchen and tried to rub my cock between her ass. I tried this once or twice but she would always move away.

I got into the shower and thought I’d just ask her for the towel and come out naked in front of her. So I tried that. I asked for the towel, she gave it and I got naked , but she got shy and ran away. I was in a fix.

I was running out of ideas to fuck her. But one day my mom and dad had to leave the city for 3 days , so I called a few friends over and drank alcohol. When the maid came in the morning and saw cigarette and alcohol , she threatened to tell my mom. I didn’t have anything to say I said I’ll do anything but don’t tell my parents but she was pretty serious. I didn’t know what to do. I thought of giving her money but she didn’t listen to a word I said. In some time tho she had calmed down. So I tried to talk her out of telling my parents. I told her I could do anything for her so she looked at me. She asked “Anything?” with a sly smile. I said yes anything. So she said get naked.

I was surprised by that and thought she was messing. But she wasn’t , she took a belt from my closet and told me she’d whip me if I didn’t. So I got naked and all this kinda turned me on. I had a semi erection and I was scared also. She tied my hand with the belt and took me to the room. There she took another belt and tied my legs. She then took a rope and tied my dick and my balls , which hurt a lot. Next she got fully naked. Oh my god her body. She was fair and nice but her boobs. I was so hard and she saw my big cock and said ” itna bada lauda kabse mujhe chuus na tha , aaj mai chusungi. ” next she sat on my mouth and asked my to eat her pussy. As my hands were tied I licked her. Her pussy was trimmed and kinda loose. But I had fun licking her. I put my tongue as deep as I could inside her pussy and she was moaning very wildly now. She saw my pre cum and now she started licking me in a 69 position. She was sucking my dick like a pro and made cum in her mouth.

She got up and showed me the cum in her mouth and opened my mouth and spat into mine and we started making out. The hot cum and saliva was moving between our lips. We were very horny by now and she got up and started riding my cock. She was riding it lick a star with her hot ass going up and down. This made me crazy and I started fucking her even harder. Her moans were very loud. Next I took her in doggy style position and put it in her asshole. She said she had never done anal so I said let’s do it today. Her asshole was nice and tight.

I went down on her first to lubricate it with my spit and then pushed my cock in her ass. She showed very loudly as I began to fuck her harder. She was moaning and her boobs were just bouncing , it made me go mad. I came inside her asshole and licked it all. We got up all sweaty and she said she would let me fuck her anytime I wanted.