Thundan/ January 13, 2018/ Indian (English) Sex Stories

Thangam was really feeling hot as the CEO had not fucked him for over a week.He was too busy preparing for the AGM and board note for it.

“indha purushaallukku avaa feelings dhaan mukkiyam, nammbho sex feelings ellam akkaraeyyaey kidayaadhu.” thought Thangam.(these men are interested in their feelings alone not bothered about ours)

She was really irritated and to add insult to injury she was going through the old mails of the CEO and found an email communication and the sign at the bottom irked her, it was Kritika Reddy. She was the previous secretary of the CEO who had a 16-year stint of which 7 years as his Secretary.A typical Telugu girl dark but sexy.In her stint as a secretary, she has been having sex with him for the last three years.

It all started one fine day as they were sitting in the back seat of the car, the driver was negotiating a turn handsome cyclist brushed him.He stopped the car and was busy fighting with him. The CEO was having a habit of putting his hands on the seat head in order to support his arms. This has been the practice for over a year or so.But today as Kritika turned back to see what the driver was doing she found the CEO’s open palms and she planted a kiss casually. This really turned him on and the flood gates opened.They were quiet for the rest of the trip. He used to get off at his place and ask the driver to drop her at her home which was a kilometer away.

The next morning at the room he started to give her a kiss which turned out to be so wonderful for him too. She was such a good kisser, he was really taken aback, she really pushed her tongue into him and chew at his lips. Her lip lock was so powerful , he had to break away forcefully.She was a veritable tigress, really a contrast to her demure outlook.

“Kritikaa, enna ivvalo fantasticaa kiss pannaraey”.(kritika you are kissing fantastic)

” Ponga ennakku vekkammaa irrukku”( baby,I am feeling awkward)

” Yes I have never tasted such a juicy lips like yours and enna staying power kissingla, onnoda husband rhomba luckydhaan”( what staying power in kissing , your hubby is very lucky)
It slowly started with kisses and in three months , one day the CEO showed her his penis, she was shocked to see it.

” Ennanga, ivvalavu perusaa irrukku, yen husband 5 inches dhaan, thickness kooda kammidhaan. Can I touch it ?”( What it is so big, my hubby’s only 5 inches and thickness is less)
“Makku makku ! adhukkaagadhaan naan open saenjhaen.”(Stupid! that is why I oped it) She leaned over from the other side of the table and reached out.

Kritika Reddy is a tall girl about 5′ 8” and dusky, she reached out started stroking him.After a few strokes, she started to feel the roughness and the skin fold was not smooth. She spat on her hands and lubricated the cock.The CEO was liking it.
” Enndee pannaraey, yaaru onnakku ippadi teach pannaa?”( hey what are you doing who taught you all this)

“My husband ,likes me doing it , but he doesn’t last long enough.”she complained.She started to increase speed and soon the CEO was shouting,”Kritikaa, you are an expert , please ! please! do it faster , Aahhhh, I am about to cooommme,” But she suddenly stopped as she did not want to waste it.She wanted to feel his warm sperm in her womb.So she cameleer the other side and quickly removed her panty, lifted her sari above her waist and sat on his cock. It slid smoothly with ease and the CEO could see the satisfaction on her face.

” Saar, it is too good, so thick and even hitting my cervix, Saar, I have never had sex with anyone with such a long cock”.
“What anyone?? so you had sex with many people.?”quizzed the CEO

“No ,saar, only my husband”.Kritika said.
“Don’t tell lies, then why will you say anyone,come on Reddy tell me”.

“But saar, it is a secret , promise you will not tell anyone”.
“Chee Podee,( sill bitch) you thought I am a Broadcasting Corporation aa”

“Ok saar , one day, after school, I was at home alone and suddenly feeling too hot, so I took the handle of the hair brush and put coconut oil on the handle and was slipping it in and out of my pussy. I had closed my eyes and thinking of Chiranjeevi( Telugu movie star), suddenly I felt a hand squeezing my breast, opening my eyes saw it was my elder brother Nagarjuna there.He was 7 years older to me and me 18 years.He sheepishly smiled and said, ” Is it good”.

“What? What are you doing, why are you squeezing my breast”.
“No no I am helping you cum , I saw you struggling with the brush, also the brush is too rough even with oil, “.
The next minute I was staring at his dark cock near my face. The skin was covering his head, uncircumcised.: Smell it and then suck it, then only a hot bitch like you will cool down, brushes are no good for you, you need a real one”.
“Pedda anna,( elder brother in Telugu) no, this is wrong, you are my brother, how can I do it with my own brother, wrong”. I wailed.

“Nothing is wrong in sex, anyone can have sex with anyone “.he professed.

By now his cock smell mixed with urine was so intoxicating for me, and such a turn on, I very naturally like an expert took his cock into my mouth and started to suck it. It was salty but tasty.Slowly I was swallowing his pecker and soon the whole cock was in my mouth. His cock was not too big, maybe 5 inches.In the next 15 minutes, he had already taken my virginity and released his sperm into my tight cunt.

We had sex regularly after that till he got married and got transferred and I too got married.

She started to increase her speed and was now bouncing up and down, her cunt and butt were literally slamming into his balls and they were coming down.

” Saar . saar naa vara poeraen , enakku ukllaey thudikudhu,saar saar , ivvalo long cock vayathulaey kuthudhu , “( sir , sir , I am going to cum, the insides are quivering, your long cock is reaching my stomach”)

In a minute she squeezed the cock so hard as if to milk them and came hard.She collapsed on him and he hugged her for the next ten minutes.

The CEO shook back to the present and found Thangam starring him in a strange manner, he could almost see a faint smile on her pink lips as if she knew what he was thinking.