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Hi, readers of Indian Sex Stories dot net. It’s been a while I had posted any stories about me like 1 year. But I was reading all the stories. Many of you will agree to this, some of us like to read such a sex story rather than seeing porn videos while sleeping on the bed at night. So coming to the sex story, myself Anjuman of Odisha. I am 5’9” not very much good looking but I am pretty good to impress a girl.

It’s a quite long sex story, everybody knows how much time it needs to take a girl to a bed. So excuse the length. I am trying to make this sex story worth reading. Here we go. After my graduation, I was involved in our family business and due to this I hardly able to go outside of my town. We were building our new house at that time when my graduation finished.

Due to these construction work, I dropped my studies and thought it’s better to start work early than wasting my time on studies as I knew I won’t do any job inside or outside the city. But my girlfriend convinced me to do at least a master’s degree, even a distance course. So after deciding the pros and cons of the decision, I concluded that I should do it.

I choose to do MBA, the main reason behind this was I wanted to diversify my business, so I thought that it would be better for me in coming future. So I prepared for MAT and cleared it with some remarkable grade. Then, I took admission in a govt college in a nearby location. On the first day of class, I saw some pretty faces and some ugly faces. Before going to my 1st class, I found 2 boys sitting on a bike inside the parking.

They ask me about my classes and coincidentally we all were going to MBA. Everything was normal like some girls carrying an attitude and some were down to earth, very free, Frank. Some had huge tits and some of them were having a big nice ass. Very few were all in all perfect. There was a girl name Renuka. She was very frank. She was like talking to every boy except me as I have a hesitation to start a conversation with an unknown person.

I take some time to open up. Seeing everyone talking to her, even I started to have the feeling to talk to her. But I didn’t. Daily, I use to explain everything to my girlfriend whatever happens in classes. I was a commerce student and she was from science. So in our 1st-semester, financial management was there and I nailed that exam and my marks were way farther than the others for which I got some popularity. Then all of a sudden, she came to me to ask my marks and how I got such numbers as our professor was a KHADUS One.

I explain her some of my tactics which I learned from my graduation. So then, our conversation started to grow day by day. And she was much simpler than she carries her personality. The way I was talking to her, she knew me better than anyone in my class. All the messages and calls started taking place. We use to go out, parks, cafe and many places but with our whole group.

Her friends started teasing Renuka in my name. I was shocked to see that. My girlfriend didn’t like Renuka at all. I miss my girlfriend as we were in a long distance relationship from like 3 years. I meet my girlfriend once in a year that too for 2 to 3 days. And the whole day I fuck her in like 7 to 8 times a day in every corner of the room. She knew I can’t control my sexual urges. I use to tease her in Renuka’s name that I will fuck her one day.

She was like fuck whoever you want but don’t fall in love with any other girl except me. I knew she was kidding, she can’t tolerate if I go to any other girl. And one day, I had a serious argument with my girlfriend with this sex-related topics. I use to ask her Nudes and she did give me sometimes. I agree excessive is wrong but she must be happy that whenever I need something like this, I go to her, not to any other girl. And she told me “aur Nahi Dungi jo karna hai karlo”. We had a very rough conversation that day.

I was very upset and disappointed from my girlfriend. I went to Renuka’s house. We were sitting on the terrace of her house. She asked me what happened and I was silent, didn’t answer her question.

Renuka: are kya hua bata itna v kya silence
Ansu: kuch nai hua hai bas aise hi acha nahi lag raha tha to chala aya
Renuka: dekh jada acting mat kar mere samne me janti hu kuch hua hai
Ansu: thoda gf matter hai
Renuka: acha to tujhe shoulder chahiye rone k liye Isliye yahan aya hai

Ansu: Tu Pagal hai kya me bola aisa kuch v apne man se jabardasti ka Baat bole ja rahi hai. Friend hai samaj k aya hu itna hi problem hai to thik hai chala jata hu. (I was very angry coz of her statement)

She came close to me and held my hands and asked me.

Renuka: kya hua baba sorry mazak kar rahi thi me ab bata v de.
Ansu: agar me bata dunga to Tu mujhe judge karne lagegi
Renuka: nahi karungi pakka promise

Ansu: Hmmm, Tu janti hai ki me long-distance relationship me hu and how it works. Saal me 1 hi bar mil pata hu. Dusre couple jo sab karte hai wo mere kismat me nahi hai. We just talk to each other and support in needy time, these are the needs of heart but apart from all this, there’s one more need Physical which I can’t get from her.

That’s why sometimes I get frustrated of all this.

Renuka: ehem Ehem kya baat hai physical needs hmm (in a sarcastic manner)
Ansu: acha Tu bata honestly Tu to hamesha se single hai tujhe kabhi in sab chizo ka jarurat mehsus nai hua kya
Renuka: need sabko hota hai . But the problem is har koi ise control nai kar sakta. koi kar pata hai koi nai kar pata.
Ansu: exactly wahi to me Keh raha hu me v control karta hu but khud ka v ek limit hai. Uske bad kya karu
Renuka: dekh is situation me koi galat nai hai Tu v nai or na teri gf. You both have to take care of each other
Ansu: wo to mujhe permission v Di hai ki agar me chahu to kisi or k sath v physical ho sakta hu. But me aisa nai kar sakta hu. erection aye to kisi k sath Jake k kar lu kya
Renuka: what?
Ansu: you know what?
Renuka: are mujhe kaise pata hoga me thodi committed hu. M still single
Ansu: are sex or kya
Renuka: ha ha ha

Then, I showed her my conversation with my girlfriend on WhatsApp and the way she treated me from the last 5 days. She read all the conversations one after another and realized who is right and who is wrong. Apart from right and wrong, the words which she uses against me was pathetic and unacceptable.

Still, I was trying to convince her by apologizing her. She got emotional and started feeling sorry for me. She came and hugged me tightly and told me while hugging “look you are her boyfriend. I don’t have that much right on you but you are my best friend too and I can’t tolerate such behavior from anyone I don’t care who the fuck she is”. Thank you, I said.

After a deep breath and a long pause. I can hear her heartbeat started rising slowly and as she was still holding my hand. She said you don’t have to worry about this and promise me you never going to ask your girlfriend regarding any of these, come to me I’ll try to make up to you. Saying this she kissed me on my lips.

The first touch of her lips was not that connectable. I knew she never kissed anyone that’s why. After that, I make my move, held her waist with my left hand and held her neck with my right. We kissed like for 10 minutes and believe me I feel heaven in that minutes. I never thought that Renuka would let any boy kiss her but it is me who is kissing her without any commitment.

She smiled and ran downstairs. I went home and I received a message from Renuka. She wrote ” whatever happened, I did to protect your self-respect from that bitch so never tell anyone what we did now, you have my respect in your hand. I trusted you, never broke it and except all these, I don’t love you so don’t expect anything like this from me we are still friends ”

I was happy what can I expect more than this from a friend. So that’s all for today there are many things happened after this incident. You know a girl too can’t control its urges when she tastes a man. So give me feedback on my email [email protected]

Comment me on this sex story it doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad. Just write me anything you want. I am also going to narrate all the next incidents one after another. So encourage me, guys. Thank you and apologize for the length.