Thundan/ January 13, 2018/ Hinglish Sex Stories

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I’m 22 now. this happened when I was in 12th. We had a new biology teacher at our school. She was a spinster, with a body of the goddess of intimacy. This teacher sex story is a tale between me and her. She was petite,5’4 only weighed around 54. You could get a boner just by looking at her. She was teaching reproductive chapter.

When she started about women’s genitals, I was already aroused. I always shagged thinking of her giving me a blowjob. Our school was always windy. when she was in class, I used to intentionally open windows so that I can see her navel. One day, she caught me doing so.

She called me to her cabin. Then, she asked me, “why” and I said, “because I was feeling cold”. She said that she knew the reason and she opened her pallu right in front of me. My monster rose and she saw that huge bulge of 7-inch cock.

Since I was in 12th, I never used to tuck my shirt in. She closed her pallu and told me to tuck my shirt. I winked at her and told, “I don’t know how to do that”. So she opened my pant button and held my shirt and put it in. I was in a dilemma.

She literally felt my dick. Then she held it tightly and said it’s big. I just smiled. she told me to meet her after the school. Now I knew it was going somewhere. So I went and bought some condoms. After the school, she told that she’ll take tuitions for me and called me to her place.

She was staying alone in a 1 BHK apartment. We reached her place. I didn’t utter a word. We went inside her house. she told that she’ll change and come and went to her room. Two mins later, I heard her calling me. I went in. She looked good in that scenic beauty.

Her waist was so good that I wanted to fuck her deep till I bury my dick in her pussy. She told that she can’t unhook the blouse and asked me to do it. I knew it, she wanted this. I unhooked her blouse but kept pressing her boobs. God, they were so soft that I could feel her heart pounding. I kept rubbing my dick on her ass.

She told me to close my eyes and unhooked her bra. I was waiting for this but she was too dumb to realize. she was standing in front of the mirror. I caressed my hand all over her boobs telling that I was trying to figure out the location of the hook. Finally, I unhooked and removed it without giving her any chance to hold it.

She covered her boobs with her hands but the cleavage was a sight worth dying for. She told me to leave the room. I removed the thread from her petticoat and now she was only in panty. Gosh, her thighs were so fit and curves looked so good. you can jerk off for years only thinking of them. She stood against a wall.

I went closer and started kissing her. She started opposing but then I did the magical thing. I put my finger on her panty and started rubbing her clit lips. She let out her moan and I realized she wanted it more badly than I do.
She opened her arms and held my hair and started kissing me passionately.

Later, she kneeled down and tried to unzip my pant. I told her to wait since I had a few conditions. She said that she was ready for anything. I told “ok, you have to be my slave”. She gladly accepted and tied her hands. I was waiting for this for a long time. I immediately slapped her.

She welcomed it and said, “harder daddy”. I removed my belt and started spanking her ass and whipping it. She let a huge moan out. I stood her up and kissed her so passionately that her lipstick was distorted. I then spat in her mouth and told her to swallow. Later, I slapped her with my dick and put it on her. “Worship it, you slave “, and then she took it in her mouth.

She started sucking the top. I asked if I could go deep. She said, “do as you wish, my Lord”. I started giving hard strokes and her eyes went full red. She could barely breathe. Then I started choking her. I knew she couldn’t strain long. so I went to her pussy strange. Oh, my God. it looked so pink and tight that I started sucking it and pressed her butt cheek and other pressing her boobs. I then put it in and she started screaming. she was screaming too loudly, so I started kissing her.