Thundan/ January 13, 2018/ Hinglish Sex Stories


Hi, guys, my first story. This story is about my mature mom and how she was tasted by my friends. My mom’s name is Chithra. she is 36 but looks like nearly 25 with perfect curves in her body and her boobs are so good looking for her age. Whenever she goes out, all the eyes would be staring at her such a beauty she is.

About my family, my father is a businessman and I am the only son. I study in a highly renowned school and my friends are so rich. I am from a middle-class family. So, I cannot afford to spend huge money when I am with them. They sometimes spend for me. Ashok, a tall, well-built dark guy but a good friend, he watches more porn and also had good experience in sex.

One day, I invited my friend to my house for lunch. they came to my house and my mother was making preparation for lunch. He came to my home and rang the bell. my mother opened the door. this was the first time, he saw my mother. she was in her saree. her navel exposed itself. He came in and Ashok had his eyes on my mom. After I came, I took him to my room which was in the upstairs.

After some time, Ashok said he wanted to pee and went down. it was more than 10 mins. So, I too went down to see what he was doing. The scene I saw took my breath away. ashok was standing in the kitchen and my mother was giving him a blowjob. Ashok’s dick was huge enough that my mother was not able to take it fully in. It was like a nightmare. I went to my room without making any noise. then he came after a few minutes and said he was not feeling well. So, he left.

After he left, I went to my mom and asked.
Me: what were you doing with him in the kitchen.
Mom:(shockingly) why are you asking? Nothing happened.

Me: don’t lie. I saw you giving him a blowjob.
Mom: (with a wicked smile on her face) then yes, when he went to the bathroom, I accidentally saw his gigantic cock and wanted to taste it. So, I took advantage of it.

Me: are you stupid to do this. I am going to tell dad about this.
Mom: (laughing) he is such a cuck and I have slept with his friends many times in front of him. so there’s nothing you can do about it.

I was shocked to the core and I had no words to explain my situation. Next morning, I was getting ready for the school as now my mother told her secrets to me. she now felt totally free and started exposing. She was in her blouse and petticoat and magalasutra on her made her look so sexy. When my father asked about her dressing, she scolded him. that was the day I knew how dominant she was.

At school:
Ashok: I liked visiting your house yesterday. your mom is so open type.
Me: (I was very tensed and angry but didn’t reply him.)

Ashok: can I come home today?
Me: (angrily, I shouted at him and left away.)

This made him furious and triggered his anger. Evening, I heard a bell sound and opened the door. It was Ashok with his friend. he was a bit taller than Ashok and more muscular. they went in without my permission. I was frightened and didn’t talk. my mom came out of the kitchen and as soon as Ashok saw her, he was stunned as she was only in her blouse and petticoat.

Ashok went near her and grabbed her hip and took her close and started kissing her. It was a deep kiss and they exchanged saliva. then a friend of Ashok became hornier. he grabbed her and started kissing her. they took turns and were kissing. my mother did not resist and was enjoying it and still the door was open.

Ashok: wow, you are such a juicy slut. what a woman you are!
Kali: (his friend ) today, let us enjoy her.

Ashok: are you ready to get banged on us.
Mom: yes dear, bang me. do whatever you want.

Kali was taken by her words and placed her on the sofa. Then, removed her blouse and threw it. Ashok removed her petticoat. she was in her bra and panty. Still, the door was open. I saw it and felt too shocked. I didn’t know how to react.

Mom: (looking at me) close the door, you cuck.
Ashok and Kali laughed. Ashok was taking care of her pussy and Kali was playing with her boobs. He licked her pussy. She became tempted and bit her lips and moaned lightly. Kali squeezed her boobs and licked them. He bit her nipples which made her cry out loud.